Author: Philippe

Emailing the Father of the Camera Phone as He Sails Across the Great Blue Pacific

“Your uncle Invented the Camera Phone!?” is what I said before a friend introduced me to Philippe Kahn. Back in 1997, Kahn hacked together a camera phone to easily send photos of his newborn daughter to family and friends. That piece of lore is gadget history 101. What many people don’t realize is that Philippe […]

The Camera Phone

The gadget that perverts, vigilantes, and celebrity stalkers can all agree on. Michael Agger – Slate Ten years ago, Philippe Kahn was walking around a hospital with a cell phone and a digital camera. His dadly mission: to share pictures of his newborn baby girl. With an assist from Radio Shack, he linked the two […]

Small Camera, Big Vision

Not many Internet entrepreneurs can say their latest invention was inspired by childbirth. But Philippe Kahn, a veteran software executive whose reputation for big statements dates back to the founding days of the software industry, has often found inspiration in unusual places. This particular lightning bolt struck three-and-a-half years ago on the day Kahn’s wife […]

The Big Picture

A DECADE AGO, Philippe Kahn took on Bill Gates and lost. Now the software maverick is back for another round, and this time he’s catching the wireless wave. Once upon a time, a year after emigrating to the US from France without a job or a green card, Philippe Kahn founded Borland International and grew […]