YoYo Bear’s Den

YoYo is a the 500+ pound brown bear female that had three cubs a few years back. Her den is right by the tree that my right index is pointing at. How do we know? We use MotionX-GPS to mark all those “Points of interest”. I’m not putting up the coordinates or a map because […]


Meet Spunky, YoYo’s boldest Cub: This is Spunky, two days out of hibernation, a few years back. Spunky went right up the snow bank, right to my window and just stared at me. His coat in this picture is still a little gagged. Spunky has grown to be a 650 pound male and we think […]

Coyote Tracks

Up the trail, Coyote tracks. The Coyotes go scavenge under the chairlifts after the resort closes. They look for cookies and food that tourist riders drop. Their favorite seem to be hot dogs. Up the trail there were track of a snowshoe hare who seemed to have been fighting for his life against Waldo’s pack. […]


Waldo in the daylight. After two weeks of snowing, Coyotes are hungry and are looking for food and getting more and more daring. Here’s “Waldo” we see him during the days and nights. From the tracks there are 3 to 5 more in the pack. I’m going to try to find the den.. Probably a […]

Light to medium conditions

Light to medium conditions, a perfect day with subtle racing. Sea Otters, Seals, Pelicans everywhere

Accelerometrics: The art of motion sensing. Because motion is life.

We look around, everything is in motion. When motion slows, life pauses. Motion shapes our lives and gravity defines motion. We want to use gestures to control mobile devices: ShakeShake to roll virtual dice in the iPhone, TapTap to adjust the volume on the headset, Tilt ‘n Roll to navigate Google maps. We use motion […]

Will my favorite Android soon dream of sheep?

People use AI as a buzz-word to promote the Roomba vacuum cleaner: That’s a great sign! To be fair, it does fit into a definition of AI of a system that perceives the environment and can make intelligent decisions. The kind of decisions that a reasonable human would make. Now imagine if every camera-phone had […]

Cell Phone, The Ring Heard Around The World This piece is 41 minutes on the camera phone. There is even some stand-up paddle-surf and great footage from Asia. The creation of the camera phone starts at about 21:10 and runs through 27:00. Some highlights: The story of the “Camera Phone Birth” at 21 minutes Sophie from behind a camera-phone taking a photo […]

Sensor-Based Phones are the Next Big Thing!

People are asking what’s next in wireless technology? It’s sensor-based camera-phones that integrate motion, light and touch technology and will do for camera-phones what the Wii has done for game consoles. Opportunities like this only come around every 5-7 years and it’s here now. For the last 5 years, Fullpower has been building breakthrough sensor-based […]